UT Conferences



Our ever popular joint program is defined as a ‘David and Goliath Arena’ where-in, young, small and new talents challenge mature, huge and established house-hold names (“small meet BIG”).

This unique and highly entertaining concept promotes various forms of on-going communications between the major-players in the renewable industry found on one side – and on the other side, an exciting, vibrant mix of Trondheim regions’ many small and smart technology companies.

The arena is a cooperation between the UT Project and the advisory board for Energy at the Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce.

The arena meeting are held in the form of an exclusive conference every second year – where the “small meet the major” players such as NNTE, Siemens, Voith Hydro, Trønderenergi, Doble TransiNor, ENOVA, SINTEF, Statoil, Statkraft, Fjordkraft, Powel, Siemens and others alike.