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The UT Project is a twelve month dedicated sales and marketing project aiming to assist companies increase their revenue, establish themselves internationally, obtain new clients and expand their network.

The UT Project consists of coaching sales managers/CEOs, providing contacts, assisting in appointments etc. There are four seminars during the twelve-month period including one in London, as well as a separate UT Conference. Companies gain access to experienced international consultants who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields.

We focus on companies who possess the will and capacity to implement specific national and international sales and marketing activities alone and together with other firms in the project.

Furthermore, we are dedicated in helping companies achieve measurable results in terms of sales and marketing activities in this period. Ultimately increasing sales and competence on their trail to achieve their objectives. The UT Project is proud of its excellent reference regarding this.

The project is supported by UT Main Partners Innovation Norway, Sparebank 1 SMN and BDO, in addition to a number of other partners. Since 2005, 80 companies have participated in the project. Some of the companies have participated over two periods.

Willy G. Hernes and Vegard Strand are project managers.

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On November 19. 2018. Once a year, the UT Project run a major conference for all their Technology based Clients/Partners (and theirs by a limited number of additional invitations).




Testimonials from our network

The UT Project has been very important for us in order to get our first customers, new partners and in the the process of financing the company. Vegard and Willy have built the biggest and most competent international network in Mid-Norway
— Alf Kristian Fjelldal (FCE)
For 15 years the UT Project has contributed to a significant number of new jobs in Mid-Norway. The companies they have worked with have had a consistent growth in revenue
— Jan Lindvaag (Invoice Club)


The UT Conference

Once a year, the UT Project run a major conference for all their Technology based Clients/Partners. The key objective of these highly popular conferences is to specifically help accelerate any companies in their quest to successfully achieve their expansion plans into the international marketplace.



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