UT Conference


Monday 18. November 2019, the UT Conference will be held for the 10th time.

Once a year, the UT Project run a major conference for all their Technology based Clients/Partners (and theirs by a limited number of additional invitations).

The key objective of these highly popular conferences is to specifically help accelerate any companies in their quest to successfully achieve their expansion plans into the international marketplace.

Every conference has a necessary blend of both native Norwegian and selected international speakers - all of whom bring to the table a wealth of invaluable ‘hands-on’ knowledge and experience in the disciplines of sales, marketing, building and selling growth companies.

The program also encourages and facilitates the involvement of a strategic range of international companies and select organizations that also share their own business experiences, stories and methodologies for achieving borderless business.

The UT Conference 2018 had 140 satisfied participants.


The UT Conference has been a success. Here are some feedback from the participants:

The whole event was a great success
Organisation second to none. Good conduit to our new ranges into the Norwegian sector. Organised speakers were excellent
Exceeded expectations
More information and potential leads than expected that will give a massive boost to our business