The Ut Project

Vegard & Willy


Vegard Strand and Willy G. Hernes are co-founders of the UT Project and are both still passionately active in the company as Project Managers and Advisors.

Vegard and Willy both possess extensive experience from nurturing domestic and international business incubator units.

Over the years, Willy has acquired substantial experience as a Manager/Sales Director for several highly successful international companies including Dyno Industry Plastics and Cresco Finance. Vegard has spent many years engaged in various CEO/managerial positions in international sales and marketing environments including Visma and EDB MaXware/EDB Business Partner.

More important however, is the fact that both are entirely committed and passionate in their quest to further develop Middle Norwegian Industries (MNI).

Together they have also been involved in companies like Falanx (sold to ARM), Plasus (sold to DEFA), Innovision House (Incubator), Unified Messaging Systems, Network365 and more.

Their collective aim is to further enhance synergies between firms operating in the MNI, thus effectively promoting benefits to a wider audience nationally and ultimately internationally.