Yesterday's UT Club attracted 85 participants

Yesterdays UT Club attraced 85 participants from our partners, network and companies.

We would like to thank Peel Innovation, EGGS Design, Sparebank 1 SMN and BDO for the co-operation with the event. According to the feedbacks we have had, it was a great success!

Many of the participants have already agreed follow up activities on concrete projects.

Espen from EGGS Design gave a very good presentation on their plans with the house, as it will be their Trondheim office in a bit more than a month. Espen explained how Bakke Design House (formerly Bakke Bydelshus) will be an engine for innovation in the region. We look forward to visit the house again once EGGS Design have moved in. 

It will be exciting to see the transformation that will happen over the next month, from the building site that we visited yesterday, to the most exciting offices in Trondheim.

We also had a live demonstration of one of the most promising innovations in the region at the moment - Dropracks (pictured). It is a lowerable roof rack, that enables the user to load and unload skiboxes, bicycles, canoes and other goods on a car in a new and unique way. Check it out! 

In the spirit of promoting local companies and competence in the region, the beer served was from Austmann. A craft brewery in Trondheim, founded in 2012 that has already achieved international attention.